ILM and Our Incubatees: A Collaborative Journey

At ILM, we believe in the power of collaboration and mentorship to drive positive change within our community. Our role goes beyond just supporting and incubating projects; it’s about fostering a sense of purpose and providing the necessary guidance for our incubatees.

We serve as a guiding light, helping our incubatees navigate the often complex landscape of community development and social entrepreneurship. Through mentorship, knowledge sharing, and access to resources, we empower these budding ventures to flourish and reach their full potential.

Our role is that of a catalyst, igniting the passion and ideas of our incubatees and ensuring they have the tools to turn their visions into reality. We stand by them every step of the way, offering a platform for innovation and a network of like-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to creating a brighter future for Hong Kong’s ethnic minority communities.

Together, with ILM’s expertise and the determination of our incubatees, we are on a collaborative journey towards breaking inter-generational poverty and fostering sustainable change. Join us in supporting these transformative initiatives that are making a real difference in our community.

(Community Action Timebanking System for Ethnic Minority Development): CATSAPP is a pioneering time-banking platform dedicated to Ethnic Minority Community Development in Hong Kong. It fosters community engagement and support by connecting individuals who offer their skills, time, and talents to help others within the Ethnic Minority communities.

EMCHub (Ethnic Minority Community Hub) is a web platform that has been thoughtfully designed to provide assistance, guidance, and resources to Ethnic Minority entrepreneurs residing in the bustling city of Hong Kong. With a goal of empowering the SMEs.

One of the best features of EMCHub is its Halal Marketplace listing directory, where Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) can showcase their businesses and reach out to a broader audience. By providing a platform for these businesses to present their products and services to a specific target market, EMCHub is enabling SMEs to reach their full potential and contribute to the overall economic growth of Hong Kong.

BridgeImpact: is a microfinancing FinTech startup in Hong Kong with a social goal. It connects impact investors with small businesses, particularly those run by Ethnic Minorities. Through profit-sharing agreements and innovative financial solutions, it aims to bridge the financial gap and create positive social impact.

Cantolearn: is an Edu-tech startup initiative focused on providing immersive Cantonese language learning experiences for Ethnic Minority students. It emphasizes personalized learning paths, curriculum development, and the use of educational technology to enhance language skills and cultural understanding.

The Child Development Fund Project: is a project approved by the Hong Kong government run by Ease Education Limited, the Indonesian Muslim Association and supported by ILM, aimed at nurturing the potential of young learners from diverse backgrounds. It brings together students and mentors, fostering personal growth and development through education, mentorship, and community support. There are 3 components in the project specifically aimed at solving inter-generational poverty, namely targeted savings,  financial literacy and personal development plan which the students come up with their mentors. 

AzadiFood: is a green startup with a mission to combat food waste while empowering local communities. Our innovative platform connects suppliers of surplus food with savvy consumers, saving money and the environment. We’re driven by a commitment to sustainability, community engagement, and the inclusion of underprivileged ethnic minorities (EM). Join us in the journey to reduce waste, save resources, and support your local EM community.