At ILM HK, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive positive change in the community. Our network of collaborators plays a crucial role in helping us achieve our mission of enhancing the lives of Ethnic Minority (EM) communities in Hong Kong. These dedicated partners bring a wealth of knowledge, resources, and expertise to our initiatives, making a lasting impact on the lives of EM individuals. Explore our collaborators below:

Primary Collaborators

Ease Education: Our education partner and consultancy, support our educational initiatives through tuition for students. The Co-partner in the CDF project with the Indonesian Muslim Association.

Indonesian Muslim Association of Hong Kong: Assisting in the recruitment of EM participants. The Co-partner in the CDF project with Ease-Education Ltd.

Supporting Collaborators

Dream Impact: A network of 120 social enterprises, offering training, collaboration, advisory support, and resource sharing.

Foundation for Social Impact: Empowering Startups and entrepreneurs through training programs and a resource repository.

Fund Fluent: Providing valuable financial consultancy services.

Sailability: Partnering on water sports, adventure training initiatives and disability advocacy.

Alpha Southeast Asia: Experts in consulting and training for writing and investment-related programs.

Event Collaborators

Travel Theory: Collaborating on cooking classes and community tours, promoting cultural exchange.

Edsquare: Collaborating on IT-related programs, fostering digital literacy for our children.

Nature Bathing: Promoting wellness and nature-related activities, including hiking.

Inherited Sports: Offering sports-related training and programs to EM individuals.

Gowld Art Centre: Partnering on art and boxing-related workshops for our community.

Mind Matters HKUST: Serving as our mental health advisor, ensuring the well-being of our community members.